Inspired by the Vidal Sasoon hair revolution and 70’s fashions that swept through her hometown of London, Gill Hodgson began experimenting on her most adventuresome friends and quickly became one of the city’s up-and-coming hairdressers. In 1980 a young Gill came to Los Angeles at the request of then-employer Joseph Kendall, and started work at some of the top salons – Michaeljohn and A.T. Tramp – where her sharp scissors and snappy Brit wit soon developed a loyal following.

In 1986 she decided to open her own salon with master colorist Robert Snaith and, needing a name, looked to music for inspiration: one night Gill was listening to Sad and heard the chanteuse singing the salon’s name in jazzy, swoon-inducing hit “Sweetest Taboo”. If it sounds like there’s a song behind everything Gill does… there is. All of the posters in Taboo’s windows are inspired by specific songs from the likes of Marvin Gaye and David Bowie, who by the way has been a massive influence through the years (#numberonebowiefan)Thanks to her in-the-know clientele and her own love for the good life, Gill has become as celebrated for her up-to-the-minute music, restaurant and travel recommendations as she has for her fashion-forward hairstyles.

Gill is married to Michael Hodgson, a renowned designer who is admired for his contributions to the salon and his own fantastically good taste. The couple have three daughters: Lily who lives in Toronto, Maudie Rae who lives in London, and Lucie who lives with them in sunny Venice.


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